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4/23/18 0 comments 893 views

Database failed : SqlDependency does not support calling Start() with different connection strings having the same server, user, and database in the same app domain. AFFECTED COMPONENT:
Based on the restrictions outlined below, multiple database triggers using the same Multiple calls to the Start method can be made, subject to the following restrictions: - Multiple calls with identical parameters (the same conn…

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4/23/18 0 comments 421 views


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12/27/16 4 comments 4852 views

Automate implements a RESTful (REpresentational State Transfer) web service on your Management Server. To access the web service, you need to use a REST client/library that can construct the URI, header, method (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE), and body of the requests. The base URI for the web service is "http://myserver:9608/BPAManagement/". By default the web service is turned off. It can be enabled in the Options->Server Settings->API Security page of the SMC. Automate does not need to be restarted to enable/disable this feature. The web service uses HTTP Basic authentication and therefore does not require cookies, a session identifier, or login pages. For HTTP Basic authentication, the URI is often specified to the client like "http://myuser:mypassword@myserver:9608/BPAManagem…

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1/27/16 110 comments 9381 views

The below table lists the operating system (OS) support for Automate products.  …

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11/14/14 8 comments 5306 views

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a cryptographic protocol that provide security and data integrity for communications over networks. This process uses two keys to encrypt data, a public key known to everyone and a private or secret key known only to the recipient of the message. When enabled, SSL encrypts HTTP and TCP communication between all of the AutoMate BPA Server components. From within the SMC (Server Management Console), navigate to: SMC > Options > Server Settings > SSL   USE SSL:
Enabling SSL, specifies that BPA Server, connected Agents and SMC applications should use SSL to encrypt data transmission (dis…

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8/7/13 0 comments 528 views

Working with variables can ease the amount of work required for a task, but when using variables it is important to stay organized.  Here are some good tips to consider. While AutoMate was designed to easily and quickly build tasks, there is still much planning that goes on before you can start dragging over your Actions.  You need to think about what you want your task to accomplish, organize your thoughts, and then turn those thoughts into steps that your task will execute.  For some this can be tricky, and tasks can become long when building them out.  One trick to make things easier is to use variables.  Before getting into the reasons of why using variables is a good practice, let’s first discuss what a variable is. What is a variable yo…

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6/5/13 0 comments 807 views

Organizing employee timesheets is a process common in most companies. A lot of us take this task for granted. But for the administrator in charge of this job, it is a hassle and a major time suck. So why not automate it? The Challenge It’s easy to get floored from the paperwork generated every day at work. Luckily, AutoMate has an amazing ability to regulate computer processes that create that paperwork—thus saving time and energy. This comes into play especially with office managers or employees responsible for creating spreadsheets, presentations, Word documents, and emails on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. For today’s entry we are going to look at a process that is common in m…

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5/22/13 0 comments 528 views

This month’s sample task will demonstrate one of the numerous ways to use the AutoMate holiday list when scheduling tasks or workflows.  The sample task will allow users to choose a holiday to search against, read the entire AutoMate holiday list, narrow the search by parameters for only United States holidays, and then find the date for the holiday selected.  Holiday dates change from year to year and tracking those changes manually can be tedious.  Having AutoMate track those changes by parsing out only the relevant holiday and date can be useful in scenarios where a user would have to generate a weekly or monthly timesheet or calendar. …

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5/13/13 0 comments 586 views

AutoMate and AutoMate BPA Server applications protect data in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA. A large amount of customers in the health care industry have already turned to automation to help process the immeasurable amount of data surrounding physicians, patients, insurance and medical information.  Nevertheless, with a surge in HIPAA compliance issues plaguing the past two years and “the most sweeping changes going into effect” last month, automation will be even more important to companies and organizations looking to meet HIPAA standards. Health care organiz…

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3/18/13 0 comments 674 views

One question we often get asked is how to move or copy files based off a certain time criteria, say copying files that are older than 24 hours into an archive folder.  With AutoMate, this is done by using the File System Action.  As you can see from Figure 1, there are multiple times (Created, Modified and Accessed) to consider when looking at file properties. In these instances, AutoMate uses the Last Modified time for all of its calculations.   Figure 1 Let’s start by selecting the File System Action …

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2/6/13 0 comments 563 views

The AutoMate Task Builder interface is built around the idea of sessions.  Derived from computer science, a session is a semi-permanent, interactive exchange of information between two or more entities.  That’s great. Now what does this mean in English? The first two terms that we should tackle are interactive and semi-permanent. Interactive is pretty straight forward in the sense that it implies that there is some sort of activity and response. Semi-permanent can be thought of as a sliding door…it’s there when you want it to be, out-of-the-way when you don’t. Entities are types of object such as devices, computers, as well as users. Take for example when I call my mother. Now, when I dial her number, creating a session is perhaps …

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11/16/12 0 comments 7582 views

The Merge Replication feature of SQL Server allows multiple databases to sync data bi-directionally, while keeping all participating databases in a “live” state. This differs from the SQL Server's Mirroring feature, which requires one of the databases be designated as primary, while the others to be marked as secondary and set to “read only”. The Merge Replication feature requires that all tables marked for replication contain a column with a data type of “uniqueidentifier” and that the columns have the property “RowGuid” set to ‘Yes’. By setting the default value to ‘(newid())’, the database will automatically generate a new guid for each existing row, as well as on insert of new ro…

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9/11/12 0 comments 7627 views

AutoMate BPA Server provides “failover” capability for continuous availability and reliability. Failover is the ability for an Agent to automatically switch over to a standby AutoMate BPA Server upon failure or abnormal termination of the previously active server component. REQUIREMENTS
AutoMate BPA Server failover relies on the following conditions in order to function properly:
1. Two AutoMate BPA Server components and at least one Agent.
2. One external database back end is in use as the BPA data store for both Server components. CONCEPT…

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5/24/12 0 comments 939 views

XML, or Extensible Markup Language, is a software and hardware autonomous tool for encompassing and transmitting data.  AutoMate offers a comprehensive set of XML actions for creating, transforming, merging, validating and signing XML documents. XML is more than 15 years old now, but, for most, its use in automation is still in its infancy. Since the release of AutoMate 7 in 2009, all of Network Automation software products contain XML data manipulation capabilities, and we are constantly improving upon our XML document interaction to eliminate that complex process required to incorporate XML documents into AutoMate sequences. The essence of XML was designed to transport and store…

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4/12/12 0 comments 5690 views

Error message: A problem occurred while initializing the AutoMate 8 Task Interpreter: Could not initialize AMWorkflowPrm.dll.  AutoMate may need to be reinstalled to correct this. (HR: 0x800703fa)

This issue was introduced in the following releases:


Please follow the below instructions as it relates to the specific product installed.

AM8 & BPA8:
Upgrade to the latest release version, v8.0.9.0. Then install the below hotfix for (instructions are prov…

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11/23/11 110 comments 121652 views

Minimizing the Remote Desktop window causes the Windows operating system to switch the remote session to GUI-less mode and does not display windows and controls. As a result, AutoMate is unable to interact with any application’s GUI, as the GUI does not actually exist in this case and the interactive task will fail. In order to bypass this limitation and allow interactive tasks to execute on a remote computer while the Remote Desktop window is minimized, registry keys will need to be updated on the local computer (that is, the computer from which you connect to a remote workstation). To do this, perform the following steps: Configuration for current user only:
1. Run the regedit.exe tool.
2. Find the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\…

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6/22/11 0 comments 7154 views

This article will provide information and illustrated instructions regarding the installation of AutoMate 8. AutoMate offers three editions: Professional Edition- The base version of AutoMate which includes standard features designed to perform most automated desktop processes. Premium Edition - Offers all the features found in the Professional Edition along with features designed to offer greater flexibility and implementation options to the businesses that require them, as well as the ability to connect to remote Runtime installations for remote management and task deployment. Runtime Edition - A non-GUI component used for the execution of tasks on remote machines constructed and deployed by the Premium …

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6/22/11 0 comments 9905 views

AutoMate BPA Installation Wizard AutoMate BPA Server follows the client–server model of computing where one or more servers are hosts that share their resources with multiple clients. Since data storage is centralized, updates to that data are far easier to administer. This architecture also supplies greater ease of maintenance and enables the roles and responsibilities of a computing system to be distributed among several independent computers. AutoMate BPA Server components can all be installed on the same machine or installed independently on separate machines (as long as they are capable of communicating with each other via TCP/IP). This article supplies step by step instructions in regards to the installation process. …

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6/8/11 0 comments 650 views

What is WMI?
WMI is Microsoft’s primary management enabling technology for Windows. If you manage Windows servers and workstations, or if you create Windows management applications, you will most likely be familiar with WMI. WMI is not just a three-letter acronym tossed around to impress your colleagues. Make no mistake, knowing how to use the WMI scripting library to create a vast array of Windows system administration scripts is utopia for WMI enthusiasts. While you can use WMI to manage both local and remote computers, WMI provides a consistent approach to carrying out day-to-day management tasks. For example, you can: …

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6/7/11 0 comments 655 views

Introduction In computing, “exceptions” are recognized as unforeseen error events that disrupt the normal flow of a running process. Exceptions, however, can be unique to a particular user environment. Some potential reasons can be due to network issues, restricted user permissions, task priority, changes in resources or faulty workflow design. Because today's business and IT processes operate in dynamic failure-prone environments, it is quite common that a number of expected and/or unexpected exceptions may occur during execution. Workflow level exceptions are especially critical, as workflows normally encompass a sequence of long-running tasks or high level processes. Unhandled workflow errors, in most cases, result in a restart of the entire workfl…

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