WindowsITPro Blogs on the Benefits of Automate V8

by Jaci Robbins, in In the News, posted 12/20/10
image for article Jason Bovberg, WindowsITPro Network blogger, took a first hand look at AutoMate BPA Server 8. He viewed the software, learned about the new virtualization and cloud automation features, and asked some key questions. A senior editor for the magazine as well as SQL Server Magazine and System iNews, Jason brought his unique insights that have been honed over 20 years of IT industry experience as a journalist and writer.

In his article Jason finds: "Although automation simplifies core processes in many business facets, it also requires certain expertise. And although Network Automation's new Automate BPA Server 8 addresses the needs of beleaguered IT departments, it's also appropriate for seasoned coding experts."

Jason points to the Automation Wheel to illustrate the new functionality of AutoMate 8 which offers complete automation of VMware virtualization platforms and has fully enabled cloud automation via Amazon Web Services (AWS) actions including Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Relational Database Service (RDB), and SimpleDB and Simple Queue Service (SQS).

AutoMate 8 BPA Server Automation Wheel

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