What AutoMate Feature Are You Most Thankful For?

by Morgan Harvey, in Meet Our Team, posted 11/20/12
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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we at Network Automation want to give thanks to our customers, friends and families for such a tremendous year. With the successful release of AutoMate 9, this year’s ground-breaking sales, and a team who works diligently to surpass new goals, we have much to be thankful for.  To the thing that keeps us all employed, the thing that keeps us all a little bit more sane and all a little bit more crazy, we would like to give thanks to—what else?—AutoMate. 

So what AutoMate feature are you most thankful for? We asked some of our employees and this is what they said:

“I am thankful for the VMware Action. I use VMware every day and it’s nice to have AutoMate run them when I am not around.."

                                                                                --Nick Lira, IT

“The Windows Trigger. I use it at home to audit my kids opening certain programs! Sneaky!” Sneaky indeed.

                                                                                --Hamid Noorbakhsh, Developer

“The Excel Actions because it allows for easily manipulating of data to create lists and reports.”

                                                                                --Frank Pacheco, VP of Channel Sales

“The File System (write for file) Action because you can generate reports of executing tasks.”

                                                                                --Omar Castillon, QA

“I am most thankful for the Logon Trigger. I use it daily to open my email and log into the Intranet.”

                                                                                --Donna Horton, Automated Solutions Engineer

“The Twitter Action because I can leave the report generation of Twitter analytics to AutoMate and concentrate instead on writing pithy tweets in 140 characters or less.” Damn29 characters over.

                                                                                --Morgan Harvey, Marketing

“I am thankful for the XXXXXXX Action* because I wrote it!” (*This top secret action is so top secret and so awesome that we cannot reveal it at this time.)

                                                                                --John Carter, Developer

“The Create Variable Action because we can do anything with variables, use it anywhere, without any repetition of steps.”

                                                                                --Anonymous (Apparently we have some shy folks)

“The email feature because it can send text messages!”

                                                                                --Cindy Requa, Admin

“The Flow Actions because it separates our product from the low-end macro solutions."

                                                                                --Nina Chou, Sales

“The SharePoint Action because of its integration and collaboration capabilities.”


And last but not least, our FTP Action, which gets as much thanks around here as friends and family:

“I am thankful for the FTP Action because transferring files is a process all companies employ. Therefore, everyone can use our software.” Spoken like a true salesman.

                                                                                --Terence Green, Sales

“The FTP and Jobs Scheduling Actions because it is simple, yet has millions of integrative uses with other actions.”

                                                                                --Jason Wise, Sales

“The FTP Action because it is now more robust, and more customers use it.” I’m sensing a theme here…

                                                                                --Ankur Patel, Developer

“The FTP Actions because everybody uses them!”

                                                                                --Liz Casale, Support

And what AutoMate feature are you most thankful for? Leave your answer in the comments below, and have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.