Training Offer for Migrating from AutoMate 6 to AutoMate 7

in AutoMate News, posted 11/9/09

If you are considering an upgrade to AutoMate 7 from AutoMate 6 (or even if you have just gone through this process), now is the time to leverage your investment by attending one of our online automation training seminars where we will guide you through the process and optimize your setup.

In these training sessions, our technical experts will help you migrate your AutoMate 6 tasks into AutoMate 7.  For your AutoMate 6 tasks still in production, this is a critical next step to ensure a smooth and easy transition during your migration/upgrade process.  Additionally, our technical experts can help you test your tasks and optimize them for the AutoMate 7 platform.  For something this important, don't leave anything to chance.  Let us help you succeed.

As an added bonus, if you act before December 23 of this year, we will reduce the price of your migration training by 10%.

Contact our Sales Department to schedule your migration training now at 888-786-4796 or