The Big Move brought to you during March Madness

by Morgan Harvey, in Meet Our Team, posted 3/18/11
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With another week of construction complete and another week closer to moving in, we can’t wait to login and bootup in our new and expanded headquarters. The majority of renovations are almost finished. We are now waiting on a few last details, from the touching up of the paint to the sweeping away of the saw dust on our dark, wood floors. Pretty soon the furniture, desks and chairs will arrive and the office will be ready for its grand opening.

One interesting development is that the move has coincided with March Madness, which has stirred up a bit of competive energy between departments. So fill out your brackets, it’s Tech vs. Dev in this matchup.

The arena: Located five miles from Downtown and Hollywood, our new building is in the heart of Los Angeles:


In the South Region, we have the returning global champions of the development world – our development team. With a tradition of Taco Thursdays, their blood runs hot from constant hot sauce and their caffeine levels are often off the charts due to their full-strength house-brewed coffee that is full of creamer. They have been taunting Tech Support with their roomy cubicles, wood flooring and massive conference area for their powerhouse coding:

Development area

And a view from the Griffith Observatory to the Hollywood Sign to inspire new and creative ideas:

Griffith Observatory

From the Southwest region, we have seven-time defending champs when it comes to quickly answering customer questions—technical support. They prepare with pizza on Fridays and a week fueled with a seemingly unlimited appetite for soda and Doritos. They jab back at Development which will only grow stronger in their new bright, open area:

Tech Support

And a view of the Santa Monica Mountains and the historic Hollywood Sign for them:

Hollywood Sign

But all of this can only be decided by one person, and one person only. In the Chief Executive Office’s office, the neutral palette and the dark, wooden floors are only matched by a spectacular view of Downtown Los Angeles:

CEO office

And all of this is brought to you by our IT department who has worked tirelessly to make sure our network and server room will be up and running on our first day in the new space:

server room

The walls are painted, the carpet is down. Once our things have been moved, the new office will be ready for us.

So stay tuned for the next blog, which will come to you from the new space, to see how the Tech vs. Dev challenge turns out. Oh, and see how our new office looks!

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