Remote Administration

by Scott Robinet, in Tech Talk, posted 6/16/06

This month we will explore some of the special capabilities of the AutoMate Task Administrator. The Administrator is the gateway to the AutoMate system, allowing the user to configure the AutoMate Task Service, create and manage tasks, assign triggers, and tailor the way tasks are run.

A powerful feature of the Task Administrator is its ability to connect to and manage remote AutoMate installations. This allows a user to add, remove, run or modify tasks on a different machine than the one running the Task Administrator. To do so, the remote AutoMate must have Remote Administration enabled and a password specified. This can be done through the system preferences of the remote machine. On the local machine, select Connect from the File menu and enter the hostname or IP address of the remote machine to connect to. Once a valid password is specified, the machine will appear in the folder view. You can then work with the remote machine as if it were your local installation. System options of the remote machine can be modified by selecting the machine from the Tools menu.

Once connected to a remote machine, tasks can be "deployed" to it. This process copies the managed task together with its associated task file to the destination installation. The user can optionally run the task immediately after the completion of the deployment. Because the task is sent with the associated task file, the task becomes part of the remote AutoMate's task database independent of the source task.

Next month, we'll explore Task Priorities. Until then, Happy AutoMating!