Ready to automate your business but not sure what to do next? Watch these 9 videos.

by Kaitlin McCloughan, in Automation Strategy, posted 8/3/16
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Everyone loves the idea of saving time and streamlining operations, so sometimes it’s surprising how often businesses have processes that they could easily automate but don’t. In the case of AutoMate, our business process automation platform, organizations might implement the software to solve a pressing business problem without even realizing how many other processes AutoMate could improve.

The truth is that AutoMate can manage almost any repeated business process, and we’ve had many organizations apply it to very unique and customized needs. But there are a few common uses of AutoMate that almost any company could benefit from. The nine videos below give you a quick introduction to those nine automation solutions.

If you haven’t given AutoMate a try yet, check out the videos and see if your enterprise could benefit from automating any of these processes. If you’re already using AutoMate, find out about nine ways to continue building your automation strategy. 

Don’t forget—all of AutoMate’s solutions work together. For example, if you are already automating report generation, it takes only a few extra clicks and no additional investment to automate transferring those reports by secure file transfer or uploading them to SharePoint.

1. Simplifying HR Onboarding and User Provisioning

If you’re not an HR professional, you might not be aware just how much tedious manual work goes into onboarding each new employee. HR, IT, Payroll, and the new employee’s department all have to receive information. Various applications need to be provisioned, possibly with different permission settings for each new hire. Forms need to be downloaded, completed, and verified. AutoMate can manage the whole process, including provisioning Active Directory and VMWare.




2. Managing File Transfers

If you have a high-volume of file transfers, managing them manually is time-consuming, error-prone, and potentially unsecure. AutoMate not only reliably automates FTP, AS2, and other protocols, it integrates your file transfers with other automated actions like encryption, compression, or data extraction. Watch the video.

3. Generating and Distributing Reports

Does it ever seem like the more successful your business becomes, the more reports and spreadsheets are required to keep it running? Your team has more important things to do than generate reports and email them off to stakeholders. Watch this video to learn more about how AutoMate can pull data, write it into reports of various formats, and distribute the reports for you.

4. Extracting Data from Unstructured Sources

Data is increasingly important to business, but when the source of the data is unstructured, extracting and organizing it into actionable information isn’t easy. For example, gleaning data from the internet is a common daily necessity, but using traditional methods, website data extraction can involve creating custom processing and filtering algorithms for each site. Watch the video to find out how you can let AutoMate handle your web scraping, screen scraping, and data mining. As with all AutoMate solutions, you can do it all from an intuitive drag-and-drop interface—no scripting required.

5. Integrating your Business Applications

New applications are being added to your IT infrastructure all the time. Data has to be migrated between your ERP, CRM, General Ledger, and more. Each department is implementing the software that will give them a competitive edge, regardless of whether those solutions can all talk to each other. Meanwhile you have applications on legacy systems that can’t be updated. The traditional solution is point-to-point integration, in which a unique connector is implemented for each pair of applications or systems involved. It’s messy, and it’s unmanageable for your growing company. You need a single, overarching solution to centrally manage and monitor your applications. Let AutoMate be the glue that holds your disparate solutions together.




6. Automating SharePoint Processes

If your organization uses Microsoft SharePoint, you know how powerful it can be in aiding internal collaboration. You probably also know that a lot of hours can be wasted navigating, searching, and organizing SharePoint. Watch the video to see how AutoMate automatically handles SharePoint actions like uploading, downloading, checking in and out, creating or deleting files, and more.

7. Terminal Emulation

In the mixed environments of modern enterprises, employees need to access a variety of applications across multiple systems. A terminal emulator gives you access to remote terminals from your current system. However, in a streamlined and automated enterprise, access isn't good enough. Watch the video to learn how AutoMate integrates terminal emulation into your comprehensive business process automation strategy, expanding the possibilities of which tasks can be automated.

8. Automating ETL and EDI

Your data is the cornerstone of your business: you use current data as the basis for new business decisions and to inform customers and stakeholders of change. You most likely rely on Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tools to sync your databases and clean up your data and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processes to transfer secure data to patients, customers, insurance companies, or other business entities. AutoMate combines the power of ETL and EDI to keep data synchronized across internal systems and securely deliver data to external partners and customers.




9. Job Scheduling

AutoMate is known for providing simple automation of business processes for end users, but it’s also a great tool for automating the tasks of the IT department. You will be able to integrate your IT job schedule with automated processes around your organization. If you’re looking for an enterprise-class job scheduler with advanced scheduling options, HelpSystems also offers Skybot Scheduler. Our final video introduces both solutions.

Want to experience these and more solutions for yourself? Start a free trial of AutoMate today. Or join a live demonstration of AutoMate’s features—available every month.