Our URC has a new look!

by Adam Kosecki, in AutoMate News, posted 5/18/06
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The main goal of the AutoMate User Resource Center has always been to create an online portal that facilitates a feeling of communication between Network Automation and AutoMate users. Aside from the improved look and feel of the new version of the URC we took it a step further by adding many new features.

New Features include:


Search - Full text searching of our knowledgebase sample tasks tutorials AutoMate Advisor™ newsletters and version release notes. Customers can now search our entire URC in one area.


Sample Tasks

Sample Tasks - AutoMate users can now upload their own sample tasks to our online sample task library.


New Comments Feature

Comments - Customers are able to leave comments on all published material. For example if Jeves uploads his sample task Jeff can leave a comment on it for everyone to benefit from: "Jeves that is a great task. I have a suggestion though; you might want to try doing it like this: ______." Or "Jeves thanks that is an excellent task! It has saved me oodles of time!"


Newsletter - When LaRee took the AutoMate Advisor™ to a new level of excellence we decided to breath new life into the appearance of her baby. You're looking at it right now!

Online Support - *Coming Soon* This is a big change. Customers will be able to view all of their current and past support tickets in the online support section of our URC. Through the URC they will be able to interact with our technical support representatives in a similar fashion to our email support. Keep your eyes peeled for this upcoming feature!

Much More - Browse the URC to find even more new features!

Adam Kosecki

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