Otto—The Programming Puppy Prodigy

by Morgan Harvey, in Meet Our Team, posted 10/11/13
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His origin is unknown, but his power is undeniable. Some say he was a Weird Science project, built to be the perfect programmer. Both brains and beauty, the creators knew he was too valuable to the rest of society to keep all to themselves. 

Weird Otto Science

Others say he was born out of a computer, like Botticelli’s Birth of Venus—newly extolled with all the wisdom from programmers past, and ready to spread his knowledge.

Birth of Otto

While others believe there is a little bit of Otto the Programming Puppy Prodigy in all of us.

What is known, however, is that after his owner forgot to place the monthly order to Petco, forcing him to forgo his favorite treats for 30 days, Otto knew he needed to find a way to avoid this travesty in the future. “If only there was a way to place the order automatically…” he barked at Cat.

And so he learned C++ and Pearl and Java in a day, and yes, even that pishposh Malbolge, to make sure his Petco order would always, automatically be placed. But Otto didn’t just stop there. Once he learned about the great power of automation, he automated everything from alerting his owner of his feeding and walking times to launching Cat Bounce every day at 3pm to distract Cat while he napped.

Otto’s days became more efficient, and well stocked with food and toys, yet he knew life could still be better. “Why would you want to spend so much time writing code,” he mused to Cat, “when there is so much other stuff I could do.” Cat didn’t understand and just played with her string.

So then Otto was on a search, both near and far, high and low, and all across the Internet to find an automation solution that was as strong and versatile, but didn’t require you to write code. And then he found it, found us, found AutoMate, in Los Angeles, CA…

We still don’t know what we would do without him. Every day he arrives to work with his wits and some kibble, ready to bring the gift of automation to everyone he meets.

This is only the beginning of the journey for Otto the Programming Puppy Prodigy. But you can keep up with his adventures, he's spreading the word and learning all he can of AutoMate, on our Facebook page.

Happy automating to all!