OpsTel Services Partners with Network Automation to Unveil New Contact Center Solution, “Automated Agent Profile Management”

by Jeff Stander, in Partners in Crime, posted 5/30/13
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With the recent partnership between OpsTel Services and Network Automation, OpsTel Services is announcing a comprehensive solution for contact center environments.  This Arizona-based company, which provides a market contact center operations management solution, will be utilizing AutoMate BPA Server 9 to deliver custom task automation solutions to contact centers.  By employing AutoMate BPA Server, OpsTel Services will be offering a groundbreaking operations management tool called, “Automated Agent Profile Management.” 

“Our partnership with Network Automation has provided OpsTel Services the opportunity to develop innovative custom solutions that compliment Network Automation’s existing platform to deliver valuable efficiency enhancement capabilities to the contact center operations management market place,” said Tony DeGaetano, CEO, OpsTel Services. “It gives me great pleasure to announce our first product in collaboration with Network Automation called the Automated Agent Profile Management tool."

The Automated Agent Profile Management tool consists of an integrated web-services portal that allows the administrator the ability to select a single form that can be submitted for provisioning and updating an agent’s profile across all of the existing applications with just one click.  For any contact center operation experiencing difficulty managing their agent profile processes and workflows, this solution will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to administer an agent profile across the many applications required to run a contact center environment.  By utilizing these advanced technologies, OpsTel Services empowers its clients with the capabilities that are required to effectively meet the business needs of today’s competitive contact center environments. 

Product Features

Web-services based integrated portal:

  • Single form submission/automated propagation
  • Activity based metrics dashboard (with real-time status monitoring widgets)
  • Status notifications (with success/failure messages email and SMS)
  • Audit trail reporting 

“Network Automation is very excited to be partnering with OpsTel Services to further expand our brand image and to continue our mission of providing innovative automation solutions,” said Frank Pacheco, VP of Channel Sales, Network Automation. “The combination of Network Automation’s advanced technology and OpsTel Services’ integrated web services capabilities allows us to offer a valuable and unique technology to optimize contact center operations. We hope this partnership creates a great opportunity for contact center operations professionals to execute their daily processes in a more efficient and easy-to-use manner.” 

About OpsTel Services

OpsTel Services is a company specializing in contact center operations management tools and custom task automation solutions. Founded in 2010 and based in Arizona, OpsTel Services has developed an integrated web-services solution that utilizes the existing contact center application environment and aggregates Key Performance Indicator metrics into a consolidated view. From Executives to Agents to Contact Center Management and Support Staff, the integrated solution named ProTechOps™ or PTO, provides the end user real-time metrics that help guide making the right decisions at the right time. PTO delivers Performance Monitoring Metrics, Point Solution Integration, and Task Automation capabilities into an operations management tool that is unmatched in meeting the business needs of today's challenging contact center environments.

For additional information, please visit www.opstelservices.com  

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