New Partnership to Provide Integrated CRM Solutions

by Jeff Stander, in Partners in Crime, posted 9/23/13
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With the recent partnership between DataChronic and Network Automation, DataChronic will now be offering a comprehensive solution for CRM administrators. The Italian-based company, which provides IT consulting, software integration, and business process automation services, will incorporate AutoMate BPA Server into its existing “eTicket” system to streamline business and administrative processes for customer service operators. This innovative collaboration will enable DataChronic’s customers to effectively direct, manage, and deploy CRM tasks in a quick and productive manner. 

So, what exactly is the eTicket system? 

The eTicket system consists of a web-based ticketing system to facilitate data entry and multiple app regulations on an interface used by customer service operators. By incorporating AutoMate BPA Server into this existing system, it reduces repetitive tasks and maximizes productivity within the eTicket database, adding the power of automation through the user input simulation technique. 

This complete solution offers automation for: 

  • Performing operations on multiple apps by automatically using interactive user input simulation
  • Exporting from main source apps every 15 minutes
  • Importing exported data directly to the eTicket database
  • Producing real-time daily reports
  • Sending emails using prebuilt and customized templates 

The incorporation of AutoMate with DataChronic’s software integration capabilities offers customer service operators a new valuable and efficient solution. This partnership creates a tremendous opportunity for CRM administrators to bolster their productivity significantly while saving a great deal of time and money in the process. 

It wasn’t until the latest version, AutoMate BPA Server 9, that DataChronic was equipped with the capabilities to streamline their eTicket System, but now they will be looking for new opportunities to execute AutoMate.  “We are very proud to be one of Network Automation’s Italian business partners,” said Marco Raja, IT manager at DataChronic. “We look forward to working collaboratively with them to further utilize AutoMate’s technology and build innovative solutions again and again.” 

About DataChronic

DataChronic's mission is to assist our clients to increase their productivity of their enterprise. The search for productivity recovery areas in internal and external operational processes (customers and suppliers) becomes, thanks to the experience and knowledge computing, repetitive processes automation (automation processes) , integration of information flows between departments and business units (Workflow Management), business intelligence (Operational Intelligence) to provide the correct information to the right people when you need them. The increase in the productivity of your company, bringing our technology to the benefit of your brand and your Customers. The computerization of a company represents a delicate moment and an obligatory path to reach the objectives of competitiveness on the market today. DataChronic, as a service provider, has to support its customers on a global scale by offering consulting services, development, integration and management. The tenacity, the passion and the capacity for renewal that we put in will help you achieve success. 

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