New Features in URC v.1.1! Due out July!

by Adam Kosecki, in AutoMate News, posted 6/16/06
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We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of version 1.1 of our User Resource Center. The new version will combine exciting new features with refinements of our current arsenal of resources.

Without further ado, here are a few sneak previews of version 1.1:


BreadCrumbs Breadcrumbs - To ease your browsing we have added a "breadcrumbs," a form of navigation where the current page is indicated by a list of pages above this page in the hierarchy, up to the main page.


StarRatingStar Ratings - Users will have the ability to rate various sections of the URC with a single click of the mouse.


Site MapSite Mapping - Every section of the URC has an eloquent site map that contains a link to and short description of each page.



SearchNew Search Box Location - The search box has been relocated to the new breadcrumb bar located at the top of every page.


Font Resizing - To aid accessibility the URC will expand as your browser's font size increases guaranteeing no text is cut off.

Much More - That's only the tip of the iceberg! Many more new features will be included with the release of version 1.1.

Adam Kosecki