Network Automation's Year in Review

by Morgan Harvey, in AutoMate News, posted 12/20/13
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Happy holidays to all of our friends, family and customers! 2013 looks to be another successful year for Network Automation, and we wanted to take a look back at this year's big moments. None of it could have been done without your help and support. 

January 23

We experienced our eighth consecutive year of record growth as our founder, Dustin Snell, returned as CEO. And we have high hopes to start off 2014 the same way!

Network Automation Record Growth

February 14

Dustin Snell, founder, is mentioned in Forbes for the new perspective he gained before returning as CEO. It is a great article, where Dustin is compared to the Pope. 

Network Automation New Perspective

March 6

Frank Pacheco, our VP of Channel Sales, was named a 2013 Channel Chief by UBM Tech Channel's CRN for growing the channel by 32% over the previous year. With AutoMate already in 60 countries, Frank has big plans for 2014. Rumor has it, he plans to take over the world, one installation at a time. 

Cats World Domination 

June 17

For the true believers, or just the ultimate survivalists, we wanted to make sure you'd be covered in case any kind of natural or unnatural disaster occurs, which is why we outlined the top five ways automation can save you from a zombie apocalypse. Not like we believe in this, or that we talk about best survival tactics at every company meeting, or anything... 


July 8

Leonard Amabile was named new VP of Technology Services. The new position ties technical support, quality assurance and automation solution teams directly in development. "We've always let our customer's needs guide the development process, and this new position will allow us to do that even more effectively," said Leonard. And so far, our customers have seem to notice. 

Wind Beneath My Wings

July 11

We celebrated our ninth anninversary as a company at Universal Studios! The results of spending an entire day together were rather frightful.  

Universal Studios  

October 15 

AutoMate 10 Public Beta is available to download. After nearly two years of development, we were so excited to reveal the next generation of our automation platform. Featuring a completely modernized user-interface, several incredible new actions and triggers and a new focus on efficiency--AutoMate 10 delivers on the promise of no-code task development to integrate and automate cloud, on-premises and hybrid applications and systems. We hope you are as excited about it as we are.

AutoMate 10 Public Beta 

2013 was a great year for us, and we are excited to see what 2014 has in store. Thank you all for your continued support. Have a wonderful holidays and a very happy new year.