Much Anticipated AutoMate 7 Released

in AutoMate News, posted 2/9/09
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Network Automation is pleased to announce the release of AutoMate™ 7, the most feature-rich major upgrade to AutoMate ever.  Now, more than ever, AutoMate is the only software platform that automates hundreds of IT processes with a drag-and-drop strategy requiring no scripting. AutoMate 7 adds 70 new actions including XML, Active Directory, PGP encryption, Web Services and WMI support, bringing the total number of pre-programmed actions to 244. The upgrade also features an enhanced task builder that speeds the assembly of automation sequences, plus other improvements that help organizations eliminate process-related inefficiencies without the time and expense of coding.

AutoMate enables IT staff to quickly and easily string together a series of tasks for automatically triggering and executing processes such as application integration, job scheduling, Automated FTP transfers, Excel automation, batch processing, report generation, data transformation, database queries, system monitoring and problem resolution and beyond. All tasks are pre-programmed and described in plain English, enabling configuration by IT personnel without programming capabilities.

Key new automation capabilities in AutoMate 7 include support for:

  • XML document interaction, eliminating the complex process previously required to incorporate XML documents into AutoMate sequences.
  • Any Active Directory operation, allowing automation of end user provisioning, deprovisioning and other identity management tasks.
  • Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook support, enabling automation of Exchange- and Outlook-related tasks, such as sending email and entering contacts.
  • PGP encryption, allowing automatic encryption or decryption of any file for secure data transfer.
  • Web Services, enabling tasks to interact with SOAP-based web resources without writing any code.
  • WMI triggers and status checks, allowing tasks to be launched by queries to Windows Management Instrumentation as well as checked during execution. 

Users now also have faster drag-and-drop task building abilities via a new action search and filter that eliminates the need to scroll through all 230 pre-programmed actions as well as a new option to reorganize AutoMate’s Available Actions list for rapid access to frequently used actions. In addition, users can now open multiple tasks simultaneously, find and replace tasks for faster editing of lengthy action sequences, and move the task-building window to any location on their screen for greater flexibility.

Other new features in AutoMate 7 include a completely new FTP engine that improves speed as well as supporting Tumbleweed’s SecureTransport Server for safe file transfer, persistent SQL connections for dramatic reductions in CPU usage, enhanced support for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, and hundreds of other usability and functionality improvements.

AutoMate 7 has been released and is available immediately for purchase at AutoMate 7 Professional, designed for single-machine process automation, sells for $995 per machine with volume discounts available. AutoMate 7 Premium, the server-based edition with support for SNMP and native terminal emulation, sells for $2,995 plus $395 per runtime license.

To download the free 30 day trial of AutoMate 7, please click here.