Moving on Up - into the Clouds (Literally)

by Morgan Harvey, in Meet Our Team, posted 2/17/11
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It’s a bird, it’s a plane—no, it’s our new office.  With our latest version of AutoMate 8 expanding into the Cloud, we felt like accompanying it…up to the 18th floor.  While the art deco-style of the historic 1930’s Wiltern, our home since our founding in 2004, has been a great place for Network Automation to start and flourish, our new office will situate us nicely for future growth.  It’s a transition that bridges the old and the new, from legacy to Cloud.  We are going from a historical landmark (think legacy) to a top-floor, suite in a high rise (literally in the cloud) in the heart of Los Angeles.   

The Wiltern nurtured a passion and creative vision that will stay with us, but our team is bursting with new ideas and heightened energy that the past can’t hold.  We need more room to develop, more room to create and more room to enhance our award-winning IT and business automation software.  Luckily, our new office can fuel just that…and then some.   With a new energy and environment bubbling over, we are excited for this change.

 What won’t be changing:

  • Our high-level of customer service that keeps the support and software at a standard you have come to rely upon.
  • Our dedication to award winning, scalable, automation software at attractive costs.

What’s new:

  • Our tech support and QA team will be expanding by 25 percent, and with a bigger staff, they will be able to answer more of your questions, and more quickly.   More space + more staff = faster service.
  • Our development team will be moving into its own private space.  Partitioned behind a glass wall, they will have a totally development-dedicated work area, an expanded conference room for more impromptu brainstorming and improved hi-tech collaboration capabilities.
  • The expansion also means improvements to NAI's network infrastructure and IT systems.  By increasing the network infrastructure, our team can relay new information and data faster with more reliability to our customers.

Moving right down the street from our current location and up a few stories to a different skyline, we are looking forward to the dazzling views from Downtown LA to Santa Monica, with everything from the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood Sign in between—and on a clear day, when it is just us up in the clouds, it is quite breathtaking. 

Join us as we get ready for this next chapter in NAI’s history.  The lease is signed and construction is underway.  With a move-in date set for March 2011, we will keep you updated along the way.