Meet Our VP of Business Development Joe!

in Meet Our Team, posted 5/5/06
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Joes KoscoJoe you just recently changed positions from VP of Sales and Marketing to VP of Business Development. How are you holding up?
I'm holding up great. I'm very excited about this opportunity because I can really impact the strategic direction of Network Automation. We all believe that Network Automation and AutoMate have tremendous potential. In my job I will be focusing on making Network Automation the greatest software company that it can be.

What are some of the challenges you will be facing in this new position?
My new position involves business strategy creating partnerships and alliances with other companies and nurturing new programs until they are ready to be handed off to Sales for day-to-day execution. All of these aspects are completely new initiatives for Network Automation so there is no blueprint for the job. I have to create that blueprint for myself. I view this as a big challenge, yet also a very big opportunity.

How will they differ from your former position?
Our Sales activities are fairly well defined. In Business Development, however, I will be working on various projects where I will be making up many of the rules as I go. Both Sales and Business Development are focused on generating revenue for the company. But whereas Sales focuses on the traditional methods of revenue generation, Business Development focuses on creating completely new revenue streams.

How has AutoMate helped you personally with your business processes at Network Automation?
I have used AutoMate to streamline all of the repetitive activities I do on a daily or weekly basis. I love AutoMate because it allows non-programmers like myself to build very sophisticated tasks. I know that if I can logically lay out my work processes, AutoMate will enable me to streamline it. Additionally, AutoMate enabled me to build new functionality on top of our company's system that helped us sell more effectively. I consider knowing and using AutoMate as central to my job.

How does AutoMate differ from its competitors?
AutoMate is extremely easy to use but it also has an incredible breadth of functionality. This combination of virtues is rarely seen in any software product, and we clearly beat the competition in these areas.

Greatest business challenge?
Selling vaporware that looked great in a PowerPoint presentation [former company, not Network Automation]. This was common during the dot-com days, but I never figured out how to sell something that just didn't exist.

What's the most misunderstood aspect of your job?
That salesmen have feelings, too.

If you have a bigger budget you would?
... have a bigger expense account and visit more customers in Maui.

Okay Joe let's get personal...

How did you get to be so tech-y?
Actually, I had to quit the engineering profession because I wasn't techy enough. But I guess something actually stuck.

Alma Mater?
Sacred Heart elementary school. Go Crusaders!

What's something your coworkers don't know about you?
That I have a phobia of changing the water cooler.

Favorite Sports team?
Pittsburgh Steelers, baby. Glory days are back again.

Subject that makes you rant?
Politics - especially increasing taxes.

Dream Car?
A 2000 Camry with the engine light perpetually on, missing hub caps, and two child safety seats. But that would be a very bad, yet real, dream.

In your car CD player now?
Gremoli - an L.A. based New Orleans jazz band.

Must-see TV?
Anything pre-WWII on the History Channel.

Comfort food?
Homemade nachos with all the fixin's.

After hours you can find me?
On the golf course hooking my drives out of bounds.

"Fantasy" job?
Professional golfer

When I retire I will...
... be dead.