Meet Matt our talented Graphic Designer!

by LaRee Stach, in Meet Our Team, posted 7/20/06
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Matts InterviewAs Network Automation, Inc.'s sole graphic designer what are some of your artistic influences?My influences don't necessarily involve people, but more the environment around me such as street art, buildings, shapes, crayons, beer bottles, etc.

What is it about their work that inspires you?
It's the concept behind the artwork that I'm inspired by.

Is there one particular area (illustration, graphic design, website design, typography) of your work that you enjoy the most and, if so, why?
I would say typography. Using the right type of font makes all the difference in the world.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
Knowing that I created or helped create something that became beneficial in getting a certain point across.

When starting a project, is there a particular process or path you follow to get to the end result?
Typically, I spend most of my time picturing/planning the project before even starting to pencil in my ideas. I try not to over think it because in the process it tends to overshadow whatever I was trying to do in the first place. The actual implementation of the design takes less time than the actual brainstorming.

We all hit road blocks when working on a project. What do you usually do to clear your head and get back to a productive state of mind?
I talk to people. I just start walking around the office talking to people to get my mind of things.

How long have you been with Network Automation, Inc.?
A little over a year now.

How do you keep the look of AutoMate fresh?
I try not to stay on a single design concept. Instead, I experiment and improvise as I move along so I can look at the design with fresh eyes. It also helps to ask others what they think of the current mock-up I'm creating as I move along with the design.

Do you use AutoMate in your daily activities? If, so how?
I use AutoMate to backup and rename all of my files. I also have triggers that launch specific websites that I frequent.

Okay Matt, let's get personal....

Manila, Philippines

BatmanWhat's something your coworkers don't know about you?
That I'm Batman, but slightly more tan. And also that my middle name is Louie.

How many Caramel Macchiato's do you have in one week?
Depends, maybe about 3-4 on a busy week.

Do you find it weird that all the employees at our local Starbuck's know your name and order?
I would find it weird if they didn't know my name and order. So to answer your question, yes, I find it weird.

GMC Yukon DenaliDream Car?
GMC Yukon Denali

Last movie you've seen?
A Scanner Darkly

AdoboComfort Food?
Mom's homemade Adobo

If you have one Super Power what would it be?
The power to make money appear from nowhere

Superman or Spiderman?
Batman. Why? Because he's Batman that's why

Best thing about summer?
The humid weather, high gas prices, insane heat. Oh wait the best thing?

After hours you can find me?
Catching up on sleep and watching cartoons.

Fantasy Job?
Having my own design firm.

When I retire I will.....
Climb Mt. Everest.