Meet LaRee our Marketing Executive!

by Adam Kosecki, in Meet Our Team, posted 9/11/06
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Laree Interview PictureHow long have you been with Network Automation, Inc.?
I have been with Network Automation for 19 months!

What is your position within the company and how did you get there?
I'm a Customer Relations/Marketing Executive in the Business Development Department. When I first arrived at Network Automation I started as a Sales Representative. Then, in October of last year I was transferred into the Business Development Department. It's been a great change and I love my new position.

I understand you are in charge of planning our trade shows. What excites you about this October's Tech Mentor show in Vegas?
As with all trade shows my favorite part is getting to meet our current customers face to face. I'm excited about TechMentor this year because this show will be more intimate and we will have a better chance to speak with more new and current customers.

Do you use AutoMate in your daily activities? If, so how?
I do! I use AutoMate to queue and send different survey's to our customers. I also have a few tasks that use AutoMate's Key Watcher trigger as well as tasks to resize my digital pictures.

The digital picture task... is that the sample task that Adam Kosecki posted in the URC, or did you write your own?
Yes, Adam, I use the sample task that you posted. Great job!

Where are you from?
I grew up in San Dimas, California. Yes, the same place as "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure". Well at least that's how everyone remembered it in the past.

Golden Gate BrideEducation?
I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts for Theatre at San Francisco State University.

TheatreTheatre? Do you do much acting (outside of work)?
Yes, I love it. It's my passion. I haven't been in a show for more than a year. But I used to do at least three shows in a year.

Favorite mispronunciation of your first name?
Well, that's a tough one. I have literally heard everything and I fear if I tell my favorite then that's what I will be called forever! So I will keep that one to myself.

Is it "Larry"?
No, that's the worst!

What's something your coworkers don't know about you?
I own both of Ashlee Simpson's CD's. Oh yes, yes I do.

Would you rather be a rock-star, movie-star, or professional athlete? Why?
Rock Star of course! Do I really need to explain why?

Yes. Please explain.

Last movie you've seen?
I can't remember probably Bridget Jones Diary. When all else fails I always throw in Bridget.

Comfort Food?
My husband's pasta... it has olive oil, garlic, crushed red pepper, parsley and an egg yolk. Simple but oh so good!

Magic BusIf you could travel to any time and space when and where would it be?
I would travel back to San Francisco, California in the late 60's. I love the fashion during that time period. People were making their own clothes and playing with lots of color!

After hours we can find you?

When I retire I will.....
Live happily ever after.