Meet Brad our Software Developer Extraodinaire!

by LaRee, in Meet Our Team, posted 7/10/07
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How long have you been with Network Automation?
A little over a year now.

Software Developer Extraordinaire

What's the best part of your job?
The problems I get to solve (most of which I created in the first place).

What's your biggest challenge?
Remembering how each of the thousands of lines of code that composes AutoMate interacts with each other.

Walk us through a typical day...
I ride the train into work, and am at my desk around 8 am. After logging in and checking email, I checkout any code changes. From then till lunch I have a mix of design work, coding, and meetings. After lunch, I code till around 4, at which point I check in my work, and then partake in some company sponsored bonding, otherwise known as Battlefield 2. Then it's off to home.

Do you use AutoMate? If so what do you use it for?
Oh do I! Besides AutoMate being used in the development department for automating builds and such, I use it constantly, but in a different way than other people. I'm checking the new version against the old to make sure that new features work as they should.

AutoMate BPA Server 7 is jam packed with new features. What's the one thing you are most excited about?
The interaction that it enables between machines. Since I work with it every day, I forget how powerful that feature really is. I still get a kick out of watching tasks execute across machines in a coordinated way.


Have you always been interested in programming?
Yeah. I got my first computer, a TRS "trash" 80 with 8" floppies, when I was 11; I've been coding ever since.

Glendora, California

Alma Mater?
The California Institute of Technology, and Damien High School before that.

Soccer Ball

What's something your coworkers don't know about you?
I'm a level 7 USSF certified soccer referee.

On the weekends we can find you...
...preparing for the life changing experience of having a child.
(On July 17th, 2007 Brad and his wife Elisa welcomed their beautiful son into this world. Congratulations Brad, from all of us at Network Automation, Inc!!)

Favorite summertime activity?
Catching all the summer blockbusters in the arctic chill of a movie theatre.

Transformers - See it or Rent it?
Definitely SEE IT!


Funnier: Bubbles or Ricky?
Ha! There are maybe three people in the USA that understand that question, and two of them are in our office. Its close, but I'd have to go with Ricky.

If you were an animal which would you be?
A monkey. They're the unofficial mascot of my profession.

What's the best thing about working for Network Automation?
Without a doubt, the people.

When I retire I will....
...spend 26 weeks of the year in the High Sierra's fishing.