Meet Automate Enterprise: Building Enterprise-level Automation Just Got Easier

by Kaitlin McCloughan, in Automation Strategy, posted 6/20/17
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Most people have a vision of a task they would love to automate. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had software that could whip up your Excel report in a few seconds or watch an email inbox all day so you don’t have to? Many companies get started with automation in just this way—they have a single problem to solve, and they find a solution that can do it.

To get the best automation ROI, though, you need to look beyond that first step. Automate Enterprise is a solution that fits perfectly to your current needs and also scales to meet your future goals. Whether you are looking for your first business process automation solution, already using Automate for a single instance of automation, or wondering how to take your automation strategy to the next level, Automate Enterprise is the software that can get you there.

Islands of Automation

Automation solutions typically fall into one of a few categories. The first category is software that makes individuals and teams more productive by automating routine, rules-based tasks.

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