Maximizing Informatica Scheduling with Automate Schedule (On-Demand Webinar)

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Informatica is a powerful tool that helps your organization extract, send, verify, and replicate data. If you’re using Informatica, it probably interacts with many of the systems critical to your business, including CRM, ERP, and others.

But if Informatica isn’t fully automated and integrated with the rest of your environment, you’re not maximizing your investment in the software. Pat Cameron of HelpSystems recently hosted a webinar to demonstrate how an enterprise job scheduler augments the power of Informatica.

What is Enterprise Scheduling?

The term job scheduling can mean a lot of things, from a tool built into a business application like Informatica or SAP to a comprehensive platform that automates your entire organization. Enterprise job scheduling refers to a sophisticated brand of scheduler that consolidates automated workflows across all your systems and applications and gives you central control.

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