Making the AutoMate BPA Server 7 Logo

by Adam Kosecki, in AutoMate News, posted 7/24/07
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Although we have released 7 major versions of AutoMate since 1995, the release of BPA Server introduces the first generation of true automation server software. It is a big step forward in our product line and I was excited to take on the task of creating a logo to reflect its magnitude.

AutoMate BPA Server 7

A product logo typically aims to implement the following:

  • Provide a feeling of familiarity
  • Have relevance to the product
  • Create a unique identity

Many logos can meet these requirements on a technical level, but still feel uninspired. I don't think that the BPA Server logo suffers from said fate, and here is why:

Providing a Feeling of Familiarity

AutoMate Logo Timeline

Above you can see an abridged history of the AutoMate logo. The BPA Server logo retains the round appearance of all AutoMate logos, but the color has been updated to a sleek silver. The center of the AutoMate holds the letter A; the atom in the BPA Server logo (more information on the atom below) has a similar silhouette to the letter A. The BPA Server logo is distinct from the AutoMate logos of the past, but it looks similar enough to avoid confusing existing customers.

Have Relevance to the Product

An important new feature of AutoMate BPA Server is the Automation Workflow. A workflow (or flow diagram) is a high-level graphical representation of an IT or business process. Workflows are a collection of building blocks ((a building block could be a task, a condition, or even another workflow)that, when combined, encapsulates an automation routine. How is this information communicated through the BPA Server logo? The answer lies in the atom...

  • An atom is "a particle of an element that can exist either alone or in combination," not unlike an automation workflow.
  • The atom itself looks like a worflow, which is a series of connected objects (the atom in our logo consists of three connected balls).
  • A workflow object can be in one of three states: Idle / ready (blue), Active (green), Failed / Error (red) - the colors of the atom's balls.

It comes as no surprise that the icon for a workflow in the BPA Server development environment is also represented by the atom icon.

Create a Unique Identity

This one is simple: No one else has a logo like this!


That's for everyone but me to decide. When the logo was unveiled to AutoMate's beta testers it was met with an enthusiastically positive response. At the product's public public introduction at Interop 2007 it turned heads. What do you think? Contact us and speak your mind!