Knowledge is Money - Maximize Your Investment with Network Automation Training Services

in Success Story, posted 10/27/08

Anyone who has ever used AutoMate or AutoMate BPA Server knows that the potential number of tasks and business processes is virtually limitless.   But surprisingly enough, most Network Automation customers use these extremely powerful products for just a few specific purposes. 

This is partly because most automation projects begin with a specific problem.  But, once AutoMate has been implemented and the initial problem is solved is where many organizations fail to maximize their investment.  They fail by not seeking out new ways to streamline and automate other business and IT processes using AutoMate.

Network Automation has designed its Training Services to address this problem specifically.  We offer a variety of programs that help customers get more out of AutoMate whether they are just getting started, or have been successfully gaining a positive ROI for years.    To learn more about how we can help you maximize your investment in AutoMate, please click the link listed below:

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