Home Sweet Home: A Move, A Champion and a New Home

by Morgan Harvey, in Meet Our Team, posted 4/26/11
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The championship game for the NCAA Tourney featuring Butler vs. UConn was more of a Sadie Hawkins experience than the barn burner we expect from the Big Dance. It was a game that broke records for bad performances — Butler scored the least amount of points in a championship games since the introduction of the shot clock and only had a shooting percentage of 18.8 percent, the worst since 1941.It was a game we did not wish to emulate for our own March Madness.

Dev vs. Tech were more equally matched than Butler vs. UConn, which conveyed a championship game spirit throughout the office. And what a thriller it was! A close game throughout, it wasn’t till a last second Hail-Mary shot from half court at the buzzer that clinched the game for Team Tech Support, making them victors – at least for this year.With the help from a deep, talented bench and a QA squad who can fix anything, Tech rallied its team to become the first ever AutoMate Champions.

Uconn win

While we didn’t get as rowdy as some sports fans (there were no cabby campfires or storming of on-ramps), it was a great celebration to mark our move.But before parades down Figueroa Street could be filled with confetti and adoring fans, the movers arrived to pack up the entirety of one office and move it into another.

The Moving Team – a ragtag bunch of four volunteers from IT, Operations and Admin – spearheaded the logistics of the move itself, which couldn’t have gone any smoother.With a window of only two and half days to complete the physical mission, this team worked nearly around the clock to make sure the data center, network and computers were in place, the phones were operational and the coffee was brewing for our first day in the new headquarters.

Due to the diligent and dedicated work of our IT staff, we hope our customers didn’t experience any interruption of service.Our IT team hand carried each server, wheeling over a half-ton of racks from office to office, and got the network up and running without a hitch.Thanks to them, our support staff was ready to answer calls Monday morning, and development returned to coding without any delays.Everyone in the office was ready to celebrate the Tech win with a welcome breakfast of strong coffee, tea, hot cocoa and warm pastries, fresh flowers and, of course, souvenir championship t-shirts.

Server Move

While the official move-in is complete, we still have a few more loose ends to finish before we are all “moved in.”Our reception area and main conference room are still undergoing a bit more construction. Luckily, it doesn’t disturb our daily goings-on and people are beginning to adjust nicely to the new environment. We will have pictures to post (soon, I promise) of our completely finished and furnished office so you can see where the magic…or, “supermation” happens.

This is Part Four of our series chronicling the move to our new headquarters.Follow along on our journey: