Holiday Exclusion Dates

AutoMate currently does not include a "Holiday Exclusion" option in the 'Schedule Watcher' trigger's properties (though this will be available in the upcoming AutoMate 7 release). However, this functionality can be implemented on a per task basis. However, this can become pretty tedious, especially if a user needs to modify over 70 tasks.

Therefore, as a work-around some customers created a table or text file with the holiday dates in it. In this case, AutoMate can read this file as one of the first steps of the task to evaluate whether the current day is a "Holiday Exclusion" day and act accordingly.

The attached sample task gives an example of how this could be accomplished. Basically, the task will loop through a text file which includes the holiday exclusion dates (new line delimited) using the 'Loop List' action. An 'If' Statement is used within the 'Loop List' and 'End Loop' actions to evaluate if the current date matches any dates within the text file. If it does, a Stop Task action is used to stop the current task and mark as aborted. If there are no matching dates, a message box will appear displaying "No exclude dates found. Task will proceed."

Note that in order for the sample task to work properly in your system, some steps need to be modified. The current date / time format is mmddyy but this can be easily modified within the 'Format DateTime' step's 'General' tab. When selecting a particular date/time format, make certain that it is identical to the one selected within the text file AutoMate will read from (on step #5). Additionally, you will have to create a text document with the proper date format that AutoMate can read from.

View the Task Here