HelpSystems Releases Study on Data Management (Infographic)

by Kaitlin McCloughan, in AutoMate News, posted 2/8/16
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The modern world runs on data. The ability to collect and analyze massive amounts of information is transforming industries from finance to healthcare, and research shows that businesses perform better when they adopt data-driven strategies. Most business leaders have accepted this and are eager to collect and use more data. However, just having the data (and the desire to incorporate it into business strategy) isn’t enough—enterprises need to have certain technological capabilities in order to integrate multiple sources of data, move the data throughout the enterprise, and use it effectively to generate valuable insights.

HelpSystems conducted a study of 506 organizations to see how they were meeting the challenge of data management, including automating data-related processes. The infographic below pulls out some of the most intriguing results from the study, including:

  • 70% of survey respondents believe that data management is more important than it was just three years ago.
  • 19% of companies aren’t automating data management at all.

For the full infographic (and link to the complete study), click below: