Health Care Partner Uses AutoMate to Provide Process Automation to Health Plans

by Jeff Stander, in Partners in Crime, posted 10/3/13
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Oleen Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting and Network Automation are joining forces to offer health plans a solution driven by AutoMate 9 to provide immediate benefit through the beauty of strategic process automation.  This partnership is slated to improve health care operation’s implementation time and provide maximum value by reducing manpower and boosting overall productivity.

Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, Oleen Pinnacle is a health care consulting firm specializing in IT and strategic management services, who will now offer AutoMate installation and configuration services to health care organizations. In addition, training and guidance will be provided to improve the quality and efficiency of these health plans by automating a variety of routine tasks such as:

  • Creating claims test scripts for claims and functionality testing
  • Adding or updating provider records, benefit plans, member information and agreement rates
  • Loading CMS1500 and UB04 claims to test agreement and benefit configuration
  • Automating manual data entry into a production environment
  • Loading authorizations for claims test scripts

Easily customizable, the tool has vast application possibilities, allowing for the creation of automation tasks to be completed in hours, rather than days.

A recent pilot program demonstrated Oleen Pinnacle’s success in implementing the tool and custom scripts within a TriZetto Facets™ environment, along with training and guidance that delivered immediate strategic value to a southeastern regional health plan.

Health care operators will see many benefits related to a TriZetto Facets™/NetworX configuration, including:

  • Service ID mapping
  • HRA funding updates
  • Claims readjudication
  • Common practitioner and provider additions
  • Qualifier group code additions
  • DRG pricing additions
  • Adding notes or attachments to agreements, providers or any other application
  • And the possibilities are endless…

Oleen Pinnacle is confident that this joint venture will be a key tool for the health care industry and will transcend how existing health care operations are managed.

“This partnership gives Oleen Pinnacle an additional way to provide value to our clients,” said Peter Biagioni, President and CEO of Oleen Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting. “Coupled with our industry knowledge and operational expertise, AutoMate is a powerful tool for saving our clients time and money, as well as alleviating the burden and inaccuracies of routine data entry tasks. We are excited to be able to help our clients identify areas where automation makes strategic sense, then help them implement, configure and use the AutoMate tool to help improve operational performance, quality and efficiency.”

The integration between the two company's services allows Oleen Pinnacle to offer a valuable and cost-effective solution to bolster the productivity of health plans’ claims and administration systems. This partnership creates a tremendous opportunity for health plans to execute their daily processes in a more efficient and systematic manner.

With the health care industry rapidly advancing, this collaboration between Network Automation and Oleen Pinnacle represents an important breakthrough for health care operators to optimally allocate their resources. 

About Oleen Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting

Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, Oleen Pinnacle is a national healthcare consulting firm focused on providing exceptional business and information technology (IT) services to the healthcare industry. Their clients include all types of healthcare organizations—from integrated delivery systems to HMOs, medical practices, hospitals and state healthcare agencies. Since 1988, Oleen Pinnacle has assisted clients with every aspect of the information management process including project management, analysis, business process reengineering, implementations, conversions, custom programming, training, EDI, and facilities management. For more information, call (501) 588-4688 or visit


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