Go Beyond Basic Macros with Spreadsheet Automation (On-Demand Webinar)

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Across every department in your organization, one tool is ubiquitous—the spreadsheet. Whether you are entering a list of customers into a database, compiling a daily report, or running financial analysis, you’ve probably discovered how useful—and how painful—Excel and other spreadsheets can be.

Richard Schoen and Pat Cameron of HelpSystems recently hosted a webinar to introduce the benefits of spreadsheet automation and how Automate takes you beyond your reliance on manual spreadsheet processes and Excel macros.

Excel: Friend or Enemy?

Excel spreadsheets are usually the go-to solution for organizing or manipulating data. Basic Excel functions are easy for any user to understand, and many of your business applications will be able to work with Excel. But spreadsheets also generate a lot of manual work, which only gets more tedious as a business or project scales.

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