Case Study: World Precision Instruments Eliminates Night Duty with AutoMate

in AutoMate News, posted 2/5/09
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In 2008, the IT team at World Precision Instruments (WPI) initiated a campaign to take back the night on behalf of employees responsible for running reports from the company's SYSPRO ERP system. Instead of requiring employees to manually trigger and generate reports from home at specific hours in a specific sequence on a nightly basis, the company wanted to automate the entire process without investing in custom programming. AutoMate Professional software saved the day - and the night - with a drag-and-drop automation strategy that also saved tens of thousands of dollars in coding or scripting. WPI immediately eliminated five hours of night duty every week and proceeded to put other processes in AutoMate's hands to achieve additional efficiencies - all for a one-time software cost that barely registered on the IT budget.

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