BPA Server Eliminates Custom VB Code for InfraSource

by Dawn Willis, in Success Story, posted 2/22/12
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InfraSource Services is a fully integrated company providing construction services in gas and electric transmission, gas and electric distribution, telecommunications, and water and wastewater systems. The organization consists of several distinct operating companies strategically located throughout the United States. InfraSource is a single source provider of infrastructure construction services. As a whole and as individual companies, they are recognized as leaders in their industry with nearly 3,000 skilled and dedicated employees.

InfraSource’s New Berlin, Wisconsin-based IT department is responsible for ensuring funds for Accounts Payable, and payroll transactions, are deposited into Bank of America accounts in a timely, scheduled fashion.  Prior to discovering Network Automation’s AutoMate™ BPA Server solution, they wrote custom code in Visual Basic to extract positive payment data from their Spectrum Forefront accounting application; create a text file with the information; encrypt the text file; and then connect and send the file to the bank’s FTP site.  Writing custom code was occurring on an ongoing basis due to the different payment processes each of InfraSource’s suppliers had in place.  Writing custom code for each supplier took days and was not centrally managed.  Due to these factors, Steve Mayor, Senior Network Engineer, and John Latherow, Applications Development Manager, decided they needed to look for a more efficient and time saving solution to replace their current process.

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