Boldly Go Where No Automation Solution Has Gone Before

by Morgan Harvey, in Success Story, posted 10/1/13
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Captains Log, Stardate 24561.85 

Nearing the uninhabited planet, Bopak III. With the USS Enterprise running smoothly, I now have enough free time to write down the story of how a ship called the USS AutoMate brought complete automation to the Starfleet, making it the bold, pioneer that it is today.  

One innovative IT Department (that’s what we had before The Bridge) created a software that would fully automate any Starfleet ship. It was first designed for IT and business processes in organizations on Earth. But a forward-thinking captain applied that software, AutoMate, to his ship. The USS AutoMate soon became the strongest, most productive ship in the fleet, and so The Creator, Captain D. Snell, wrote down these Four Tenets of Automation for future captains to find the same successes that he did. 

1. Better Use of Technical Resources  

Before there was warp speed capabilities, there was AutoMate’s no-code, drag-and-drop interface which allowed for lightspeed automation creation.  You no longer had to wait around for Data to write custom code. Instead, you could quickly automate repetitive, mundane tasks, like file transfer and database management.  This frees up time and resources to concentrate on more important things. 

2. Centralized Management Control 

If you thought it was hard to keep track of all the out-of-orbit asteroids, try keeping track of all your different jobs, processes, scripts and applications in your organization.  Automation, however, gives the control back to you.  Whether your company runs on 1 or 1,000 machines, AutoMate provides you with a central location to see what computer is running what, when and if it was successful.  

3. Enterprise-Level Reporting 

If you have ever been stuck in deep space with a ship that can’t turn on its warp drive and its shields are down, then you understand how important it is to quickly find the reason for this failure.  AutoMate’s reporting will be able to tell you where an error in the workflow has occurred and what it is. With AutoMate’s reporting dashboard, you can monitor server CPU usage, number of connected agents, pending processes to run and more.

4. Unique Automation Solutions 

Don’t be fooled; not all automation software is created equally.  Some are made just for job scheduling, while others only for FTP transfer; some have to deal with Klingons and other with Betaziods—as if every ship or company was the exact same.  But AutoMate gives you the power to build unique solutions designed specifically for your company’s requirements.  AutoMate (the software), at the time of the USS AutoMate (the ship) was in use, had nearly 600 pre-made actions to help you quickly build costume-made solutions.

While the USS AutoMate has since been retired, its legacy lives on in all the current Starfleet ships and a computer near you. Visit Network Automation to implement AutoMate today.