Better Batch Job Scheduling for SAP Tasks (On-Demand Webinar)

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SAP NetWeaver is a popular and robust software solution for CRM, finance, ERP, and more. If you use SAP, you’re probably also familiar with its scheduling component, the Computing Center Management System (CCMS). As convenient as the CCMS seems to be for scheduling your SAP jobs, it might be holding you back.

Pat Cameron and Jan-Erik Lovlie from HelpSystems recently hosted a webinar to help you decide if it’s time to find an alternative to the CCMS.

Why Replace the CCMS?

The SAP CCMS is a reliable tool for doing what it’s made to do—run SAP jobs at a certain time. But it’s not very sophisticated. SAP has expertise in business applications, including HR, finance, sales, and manufacturing solutions, but they don’t choose to spend their resources developing advanced automation functionality for their software. This is typical of many business applications—you get a best-of-breed application with a very basic job scheduling tool.

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