Automation for *Your* Organization: How Business Process Automation Solved Three Unique Business Challenges

by Kaitlin McCloughan, in Success Story, posted 8/12/16
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Automation software is great for other businesses, but your organization’s needs are too complex and unique to be automated.

Sound familiar? We hear this a lot—the idea that business process automation is only useful for simple, common, tasks is unfortunately a common automation myth.

There’s no doubt that business process automation software is a great way to automate those processes that are common to many companies, like file transfers, Active Directory user provisioning, and report generation, but a robust automation platform can do much more. To find a solution with the flexibility to help you reach your unique objectives, look for these features:

  • A variety of triggers. Basic automation software will allow you to schedule a process to run at a certain time every day or week. Event-driven automation allows processes to be triggered by a file arriving, a window opening, or another process ending.
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities. RPA software manipulates applications at the presentation level, like a human does, making it possible to automate homegrown applications, web applications, and other critical tools without writing additional custom scripts.
  • If/Then logic. For example: if a file exists, launch process A. If the file does not exist, launch process B.

Here are three examples of business process automation software solving unique challenges:

Children’s Museum Automates Interactive Weather Exhibit

John Graydon Smith, the president and CEO of the Children’s Museum of Science and Technology in Troy, NY had an idea for an interactive exhibit where kids could conduct a live weather forecast and then replay it on a nearby TV. The problem was that the children, some as young as three, would likely not be able to proceed through the ten steps in the process with perfect timing to make their recording. Smith imagined automating everything—the instructions, the video production, and the final screening—but he wasn’t sure if that level of automation was commercially available.

Find out how the weather exhibit became “one of the best…in the entire museum.”

Retail Marketing Company Saves Time by Automating Homegrown Applications

Vestcom international provides customized shelf-edge communications and specialized marketing services for the retail industry. Before implementing AutoMate, Vestcom’s process involved receiving data from customers, transferring the data to a production server, using two homegrown GUI-driven applications to cleanse and transform the data into print-ready files, intervening at strategic points to apply customer-specific business rules, and sending the cleansed files to a print center. The company had previously investigated automated solutions, but hadn’t found software with adequate GUI automation and business logic abilities.

Learn how robotic process automation saved Vestcom 200 hours per week.

Publisher Automates Entire Process of Turning Rare Books into Digital Files

Businesses often want to automate the process of scraping information from PDF documents. Taking the text of old and rare physical books and converting it to PDF is a more unique requirement. Gorgias Press is an independent publisher specializing in books and journals related to religious studies, ancient western Asia, Middle Eastern studies, and the classics. Pre-automation, the process of turning these texts into digital files was tedious and time-consuming. After nine years in business, Gorgias had a catalog of only 750 titles.

See how automation allowed Gorgias to grow to 4,000 titles in just two years.

If you have a pressing business problem that isn’t one of the commonly automated processes, there’s a good chance you can solve it with business process automation from AutoMate. Here’s how to get started.