AutoMate Your Online Reputation Monitoring

by Graham Taylor, in Automation Strategy, posted 8/13/10

Are you a talent agent, marketer or publicist? Do you scour the net day in day out to find out what is being said about your clients, who is saying it and where it is being said?

Would it be valuable to you to automate that process such that your computer is doing it in the background for you 24/7, literally? Would it be valuable if, the instance your computer finds some or other new information on the web, it updates  a database, sends you an email/sms/Twitter message? Would it be valuable if every day, it created a summary report of all the day’s/week’s/month’s activities related to your clients and automatically emailed it to you or your clients? Would it be valuable to you if you could set up particular key words and phrases , such that the instance one of those appeared in conjunction with your client’s name, it generated a high-alert notification to you/your colleague via email/sms/Twitter?

All this is easily achievable with Automate. You create a workflow designed to run continuously in the background, create a set of tasks to search the web via Bing, Google and any other search engine of your choice, Create a task to save the url, keywords, tags, content to a File/Excel Spreadsheet/Database. Create a task to send the required notifications to you or your colleagues.

Create a second workflow that is scheduled to run at a particular time of the night. Create a task to read the data from the files/Excel spreadsheets/Database. Create a task to sort and summarize the data. Create a task to import the data into Powerpoint/Excel and generate the report. Create a task to email the report to a specific user list. Create a task to notify you that the report has been successfully created and emailed.

Once these tasks and workflows are created in Automate, kick them off to run and they will run non-stop 24/7/365 without you ever having to worry about thetime-consuming and laborious tasks of collecting data and reporting on your celebrity clients’ media exposure.