AutoMate Solutions Tours: Get a Live Demo of AutoMate’s Features

by Kaitlin McCloughan, in AutoMate News, posted 7/21/16
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If you are interested in an easy-to-use platform for automating almost any business process, this is your chance to get a live demonstration and have your questions answered.

This July we’re kicking off a new monthly series of AutoMate Solutions Tours. In these live webinars, Donna Horton, our Training Services Consultant, will give you a guided tour of AutoMate’s features and lead you through a variety of use cases. This training is especially valuable if you have already downloaded the AutoMate free trial and want to maximize the success of your implementation.

You will learn about how business process automation can benefit your organization and what sets it apart from other types of automation tools. After you’ve learned about AutoMate’s key features, Donna will give examples of how you can use AutoMate to streamline:

And answer any questions you have about the product.

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