AutoMate Personalizes Thousands of Donor Letters

by Jeff Stander, in Partners in Crime, posted 8/14/13
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The chairman of the Dutch chapter of an internationally operating NGO realized he was in over his head when he had to write 1,000 personalized letters to the donors of his cause. The cause, which was raising money for a nearby hospital, prompted the chairman to set out on a mission to personalize all of these thank you letters to avoid the generic feel of mass-produced letters.  

He wanted to make the text very intimate and individualized, in order to sincerely show his gratitude to the donors of this hospital. The budget for writing these letters was 0 euros, so there was no flexibility in adding personnel touches or obtaining outside collaboration. But due to the large amount of donors, he knew there was not going to be enough time to write all these letters. Also, the standard Word mail merge functionality was not dynamic enough to operate this task.

The chairman was in dire need of a plan to personalize all these letters…

And in the flick of a moment, AutoMate came to rescue.

The chairman contacted Benjamin Korper, owner of Korper ICT and one of Network Automation’s business partners in the Netherlands. Korper, using his premier expertise in AutoMate, paved the way for the chairman to expedite these 1,000 personalized letters by building a logic engine with AutoMate to sort the recipients data based on the following demographics:

  1. Address of donor
  2. Male or Female
  3. <30 or >30 yrs old
  4. Company of donor
  5. Type of donations (amount and time donation was made)
  6. Dutch or English Speaker

Based on these criteria, AutoMate generated these letters in congruence with the end result of the data findings. Using its logic engine function, AutoMate then tailored the letters to the perfect degree of formality, length, language, and content of message.

For example, since all of these donations were going to a local hospital, Korper and his team automated the letters to include, “your generous gift has supplied the hospital a lifesaving incubator”, if the donor gave a large gift in February. Whereas if the donor gave a small gift in May, the letter would include something like, “Thanks to your great gift we can continue trying to cure ….. thanks!”.

After watching Korper initiate these specifically crafted letters using AutoMate, the chairman downloaded a trial version of AutoMate and got going himself under the supervision of Korper. Soon after, the chairman was freewheeling AutoMate and soaring high above all standardized letter writing practices.

With Korper’s creative approach and AutoMate’s efficiency, the chairman successfully wrote these 1000 personalized letters and properly respected all of the generous donors for their contributions.


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