AutoMate Now Integrates with InterMapper from HelpSystems

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AutoMate strives to streamline your processes in a way that saves your business time and money. And what could be more costly and time-consuming than unplanned downtime? By the time you have manually checked all the components of your network, identified the problem, and started your fix, you might have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars or missed critical processes.

Now there’s a way to keep an eye on devices across your network and respond to network issues automatically. AutoMate has a new integration with InterMapper, a network monitoring tool from HelpSystems. InterMapper gives you a real-time view of your entire network, allowing you to manage hardware, software, and bandwidth requirements to maximize uptime with minimal resources. If something goes wrong with one of your devices, InterMapper can send out an alert. That’s where AutoMate comes in—InterMapper alerts can now act as AutoMate triggers.

You can set up device-specific alerts within InterMapper for a variety of metrics. For example, you might want to monitor some of the following:

  • Disk usage
  • Device temperature
  • Signal strength
  • Bytes in and out
  • TX/RX rate
  • And much more

When one of these metrics is outside of the acceptable range you have designated, InterMapper sends an alert. If you have both AutoMate and InterMapper, the alert can trigger an AutoMate task to fix the issue. Your network problems will be resolved before they cause you—or your customers—any difficulties.

Of course, these tasks are automated from the same intuitive, script-free interface as all of AutoMate’s actions.

If you’re an AutoMate customer and want to learn more about what InterMapper can do for your business, contact your sales rep. Or try out either product for free today: