Automate Data Scraping for Web and More (On-Demand Webinar)

by Kaitlin McCloughan, in Data Extraction, posted 4/14/17
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Businesses run on data. We’re all dealing with it, often painfully—slowly keying numbers into a database, manually copying and pasting data from a website into an Excel spreadsheet, or collecting and reformatting reports received as email attachments.

Richard Schoen and Pat Cameron of HelpSystems recently hosted a webinar to share how the Automate suite of products can streamline and integrate all your data-driven processes.

Complete Enterprise Automation

First, Richard introduced Automate Complete. As you start automating your workforce and key processes, keep in mind that where you’re at on the automation continuum will change as your business needs mature. You don’t want to get locked into an automation platform that only provides one type of automation.

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