AutoMate BPA Server Version 7.0.6 has been released!

in Success Story, posted 9/30/08
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Released on September 12th, 2008, this update offers further improved stability and performance, including quicker response times in the AutoMate Server Management Console, and optimized data access and faster execution when using a SQL database backend.  A few of the enhancements and fixes are listed below:


Server Management Console
  - details of what objects (tasks, workflows, etc.) were imported from a package is now displayed in the

Output window
  - Output Window refresh speed has been improved when large amounts of data are present


Label Action
  - disabled Label steps were still treated as enabled at runtime

Task Runtime
  - per step retry timeout was being ignored

BPA Server
  - corrected several memory and handle leaks that occurred under certain situations
  - when exporting a workflow that has the same task multiple times, the resulting ampkg file could not be imported.
  - constant and SQL Connection strings are now properly applied to Task Builder and running task instances

Server Management Console
  - could not change the name of a task if only the character case of the name was changed
  - changes to the stage of a task within the repository were not saved when using a SQL back end

To see the entire list of enhancements and fixes, click here.