AutoMate 6.2.6 Now Features Categorized Sample Tasks

by Joe Kosco, in AutoMate News, posted 5/27/08

Many of our customers, especially when they are first starting out, struggle with developing new tasks.  While AutoMate is known for its incredible ease-of-use, no product comes without a learning curve of some sort.  Couple the learning curve phenomenon with good old “writer’s block”, and you can see why there is a need to make task development for beginners easier.

That’s why we have introduced an array of new sample tasks in AutoMate 6.2.6, all of which are categorized by task function to make finding the right task a snap.  Need a task that performs a SQL Select on a database and allows you to loop through the records one-by-one?  Just go to the SQL folder under Sample Tasks.  How about learning about Microsoft Excel actions?  Suppose you want to read information directly from an Excel document to populate another application.  Go to the Excel folder under Sample Tasks.  In all, there are 19 separate categories of tasks including Arrays, Date and Time, File Management, FTP, HTTP, Looping, Flow … If-Then, Reading and Writing Data, Text Manipulation, System Management, and much more.

Who knows – even our most experienced users might learn a few tricks by combing through these samples.