AutoMate 6.1 Coming Soon

by Scott Robinet, in Inside Development, posted 4/7/06

The AutoMate Development Team is happy to report that AutoMate 6.1 will be available at the end of March. The 6.1 release is a comprehensive update that wraps together all the feature additions, enhancements and bug fixes from the initial AutoMate 6.0 release. Some of the major highlights include:

  • task execution time has been significantly improved from version 6.0
  • TN3270 and TN5270 terminal emulation support
  • Improved random number generation
  • logging AutoMate task events and information to an external database
  • improved stability and reliability

... and more. Fixes to issues identified in 6.0.7 are also included.

The AutoMate Development Team is constantly working to provide you with the best experience possible by creating powerful, robust and easy to use software. To this end, the Team is looking for AutoMate enthusiasts interesting in becoming a part of our exclusive AutoMate Beta Team. Beta Team members receive exclusive access to pre-release versions of AutoMate for the purposes of stability and ease of use verification before full release. Access to the AutoMate Beta Forums, a restricted area of the User Resource Center reserved for Beta Testers, is also included.

Qualified members should be active AutoMate users that can dedicate enough time to promptly downloading, installing and running the beta software (preferably in a test environment that accurately reflects their working environment) and report back results, problems and suggestions in a timely fashion. Other requirements exist, and not all applicants can be accepted.

If you're interested, send an email to and let us know how you're using AutoMate to save your sanity, and why being a Beta Team member is right for you!