Ask an ASE

by Morgan Harvey, in Ask an ASE, posted 10/27/11
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Have a problem setting up a FTP task? Need help in figuring out how to automate SharePoint actions?  We at Network Automation would like to offer another platform to answer your questions, queries and conundrum in a more in-depth manner.  Forget Dear Abby, our ASEs will provide not only step-by-step instructions to fix any problem, but also offer sample tasks and sample workflows as well.  The answers to your questions will appear in a monthly blog post.  So what are you waiting for, leave a comment below or submit a question to

Meet Some of the ASE Team Members

Dallas Li is the manager of Automation Systems Engineering, and has worked at Network Automation for over five years.  With a degree from the University of Southern California in electrical engineering (computers), Dallas specializes in database, network, implementations, scripting and programing.

Donna Horton is an Automation Systems Engineer working at Network Automation since July of 2010.  She specializes in technical software, networking and training, and holds a bachelor’s of science degree in business management from the University of Phoenix. 

Jonathan Chan is an Automation Systems Engineer for Network Automation whose areas of expertise are FTP, SharePoint, database, file systems, AWS, cryptography and script development.  He graduated from the University of California San Diego with a bachelor’s of science in electrical engineering (computer science).