Announcing the AutoMate BPA Server Ops Console

by Kaitlin McCloughan, in AutoMate News, posted 8/25/16
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AutoMate 10.5 was just released and for AutoMate BPA Server Enterprise it includes an enhancement that gives you better-than-ever visibility into your automated operations: the AutoMate BPA Server Ops Console.

The AutoMate BPA Server Ops Console is a web-based interface that allows you to monitor what’s happening in the organization from anywhere with an internet connection. The responsive design means that the console is easy to use on any device, giving you access to detailed, real-time operations data whether you’re in the office or on the go. The BPA Server Ops Console is more than an overview—you will be able to jump directly to the detailed data you need to make decisions. Here’s a look at what you’ll get when you download version 10.5:



Unified Activity Display

This is your central view of upcoming, current, and recently completed actions. View it all on a single page and drill down into any specific context for an expanded view.

Agent Management

With the Server Ops Console, your agent list can be sorted, filtered, and searched, allowing operators to easily inspect the entire system. You can also monitor agent metrics including active instances, system CPU, private memory usage, and more. For each agent, you can see not only which tasks are running on that agent, but which step each task is currently on.

Dashboard Graphs

Consolidated, user-defined dashboards give you the data you need to plan operations and hone your automation strategy. Getting an easily accessible overview of system activity quickly brings abnormal behavior to the surface and a display of system error messages places important problems front and center. You can also monitor deviations from normal execution runtimes to find any anomalies.

Workflow, Task, and Process Management

Sort, filter, and search your list of automated workflows and tasks. The BPA Server Ops Console even lets you control your automation from afar—run, stop, pause, resume, enable, or disable any action. Need to quickly understand the steps in a process or how it relates to your overall operations? Drill down to see the dependencies on any given item.

Server Metrics

You can view current and lifetime metrics for your workflows, tasks, and processes. Monitor server metrics including service CPU, private memory usage, threads, and handles.

Getting Started

Here are some resources to help you get up and running with the AutoMate BPA Server Ops Console:

Server Ops Console Installation Guide 
Getting Started Guide
System Requirements
Backup and Restore Guide
Configure SSL Guide
Uninstall Instructions

Get the Server Ops Console

To get a free trial of latest version of AutoMate BPA Server Enterprise and the Server Ops Console, download them here

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