Account Control Panel

by Marjo, in Tech Talk, posted 10/22/07

The Account Control Panel is a powerful and secure web-based interface which allows you to access your account information online twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Here you can view and edit your contact information, register your AutoMate serial number(s), download the latest software updates, generate new quotations and much more. You will not have to wait for a support response when you need to update any account information. You will be able to do this instantly anytime and anywhere you have access to the web.


How to Login
Logging into your Account Control Panel is easy and convenient. From the Network Automation website (, choose the 'My Account' link located on the top right-hand corner, above the main menu bar. For accessibility, the 'My Account' link is located in a relative position throughout the website. Once you are on the login page, enter your email address and password. When the information is properly authenticated, you will enter your Account Control Panel.

If you have already created an account and you forgot your password, simply select the 'Forgot your password?' link, which will take you to the Password Retrieval section. Once there, enter your email address in the appropriate field and click "Send Password." The password matching the account will be immediately dispatched to the email address specified.

Managing Your Account
Your easy-to-use Control Panel offers clear and concise management of your account. All changes you make take effect immediately, eliminating any unwanted delays. In order to update your information, simply click "Update Account Information" which will direct you to the 'Edit Account Info' page. Here you can edit general account information such as, address and phone number as well as your email address (used for login) and nickname which is used when you participate in the AutoMate Forums.

All currently registered AutoMate serial numbers will be shown in your Account Control Panel along with a description of the software product(s) that corresponds to each serial number. Additionally, a link will be provided where you can easily download the latest software version for your system Before installing the software, we recommend that you read any important software installation notes and technical details located in the bottom part of your Control Panel.


In order to download the latest version of AutoMate, you must register your serial number. Registering your software allows us to keep you informed of update information, and access your account when you contact us. If you or your organization purchased directly from Network Automation (either online or by calling in), your serial number is automatically registered to the ordering party. However, if you purchased from a source other than Network Automation (such as a reseller), you can click the "Register Serial Number" link to properly register your AutoMate serial number(s).


If you would like to modify your present password used to sign onto you account, select the 'Change Password' option. Once you are in the 'Change Your Password' page, enter your password in the "current password" field, your new password in the "New Password" field and re-enter the new password under "Confirm New Password."


Network Automation provides email newsletters in order to keep customers informed of AutoMate product updates, previews of new releases, technical articles and press releases. If you would like to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to these newsletters, select the option "Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Newsletters," which will direct you to the 'E-Mail Newsletter Subscriptions' page. Here you can check the box next to each newsletter you wish subscribe to. To unsubscribe, uncheck the box.

Other Features
Your Account Control Panel provides an option to download a trial version of AutoMate 6 as well as AutoMate BPA Server 7. Both trial versions are identical to the full version but include an expiration date (AutoMate 6 offers a 30 day trial while AutoMate BPA7 offers a 60 day trial). In order to download the AutoMate 6 trial, click "Download AutoMate 6 Trial" or to download BPA 7 trial, click "Download AutoMate BPA Server 7 Trial."

Your Account Control Panel also provides a convenient way for you to view your current purchase quotes or orders as well as generate a new quote or place a new order. Recently generated quotes and orders will appear under the "Quotes" and "Orders" section. To view more details on any recent quotes or orders, simply click the quote or order number shown. To create a new quote, select "Click here to generate a new quotation." To place a new order, select "Click here to place a new order."