30 Minutes of AutoMate-ing Cuts 1 Hour/Day in Infor ERP VISUAL Work for Job Shop

in Success Story, posted 6/25/09
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In the quest for IT efficiency, one way to save time is to automate the daily grind of launching and monitoring ERP system utilities. Washington-based job shop Magic Metals, Inc., sought to do just that when it implemented Infor ERP VISUAL in 2008, but the company's busy IT manager did not have time to write custom scripts to enable VISUAL utilities to self-execute. Instead, he turned to the pre-programmed automation capabilities of Network Automation's AutoMate Professional. The software allowed Magic Metals to automate nine essential operations in just 30 minutes of building automation routines in a plain-English, drag-and-drop development environment. The strategy saved Magic Metals four to six weeks of coding work as well as slicing an hour a day off ERP maintenance - all for less than the cost of a modest vacation.

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