What is the AutoMate Migration Service?

The AutoMate Migration Service is designed to provide existing customers with a hands-free approach to upgrading to the latest version of AutoMate. We’ll help you quickly migrate to the latest version while controlling costs and mitigating risks that could otherwise affect production execution.

How does it work?

One of our experienced Technical Solutions Consultants (TSC) will develop a plan so that you can migrate to the newest versions of AutoMate at your own pace with the proper support, ensuring that the transition is seamless and efficient.

The first phase of AutoMate migration evaluates the scope and complexity of the existing AutoMate environment and its tasks and/or workflows. During the second phase, a TSC performs the installation, migration, testing, and deployment of the latest version of AutoMate.

Depending on the project requirements, a TSC will provide the complete migration of up to 20 tasks/1,000 steps and verify that all tasks and workflows have been tested and migrated successfully. Migration of additional tasks and steps is available.

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