Our Implementation Service helps to ensure that you have a successful installation of our software so that your AutoMate implementation is ready for immediate use. One of our experienced Technical Solutions Consultant (TSC) will work closely with your staff to ensure that you reach your business goals.

What does our Implementation Service include?

Our Implementation Service consists of two phases, and can be conducted on-site as well as through online web sessions.

Phase 1 - Preparation:

  • Initial consultation call to understand core requirements
  • Completion of a Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Formal quotation for the implementation required
  • Identifying the availability of documents and resources relevant to the process
  • Availability of infrastructure for deep-dive analysis along with necessary credentials/permissions

Phase 2 - Implementation:

  • Layout optimized process for execution
  • Process development with best practice and error-handling and built-in alert notifications
  • Necessary documentation and in-line comments on logic and specific sections
  • Thorough testing of all critical logic paths within defined parameters
  • Documentation pertaining to proper usage and maintenance of the developed solution
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*TSCs prefer to develop the implementation alone, but it is an option to co-develop the implementation with you.