What is the AutoMate Health Check?

The AutoMate Health Check (AHC) provides our customers with an assessment of their existing automation environment. The goal of the Health Check is to help our customers see how they’re adhering to best practices for optimal performance in an automated environment.

How does it work?

An automated application will conduct a remote assessment of your automation environment, installation settings, hardware specifications, and review tasks and/or workflows to ensure that your configuration is consistent with that of a successful AutoMate implementation.

One of our experienced Technical Solutions Consultants (TSC) then delivers the Health Check Report along with recommendations and, if needed, you can request an appointment to go over the details over the phone.

* Read the FAQs about the Health Check executable file to learn more about the process.

What does it include?

The AutoMate Health Check is typically conducted on an annual basis for active Maintenance Plus customers. However, the AHC may be purchased separately for customers that are not on Maintenance Plus.

The AutoMate Health Check includes, but is not limited to, the following elements:

  • Review of AutoMate installation and configuration
  • Examination of currently developed tasks/workflows
  • Verification that tasks/workflows have been developed and maintained in accordance with best practices
  • Recommendations to enhance and optimize automation environment
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