Workload Automation plus Process Automation for your Windows 7 Servers and Network

Looking for Job Workload Automation Software? You've come to the right place. And, we give you more: True Process Automation.

Workload Automation Software has recently replaced traditional Job Scheduling Software as the batch and contingency processing platform. But like job scheduling software, Workload Automation primarily orients itself to batch processing and restrictive server architectures. Conditional process flow in Workload Automation is usually limited to simple contingencies.

Your processing flows are more complex.

Processing flows span batch execution, online interactive, offsite FTP, SaaS and Cloud resources plus much more. This complexity requires that you integrate any number of processing assets into smooth flowing workflows deployable under enumerable conditions, not just simple contingency rules.

That's why Automate BPA Server has become one of the fastest selling workload automation solutions on the market. Plus it delivers Process Automation to extend control and productivity to your other IT operational needs, like script writing, application data integration, user emulation, system testing and more.

All priced and packaged to provide low-cost adoption, low total cost of ownership and strong ROI results sure to impress your executive management.