Automate All of Your SNMP-Enabled Network Devices with AutoMate™!

AutoMate provides an intuitive, easy-to-use SNMP action library to manage network devices such as computers, servers, and routers. These pre-built SNMP actions allow for automatic processing of SNMP events that occur on the network.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is an Internet protocol that provides network administrators and IT personnel ways to communicate with common SNMP devices or nodes. AutoMate's SNMP actions allow you to automate the communication between network management systems and SNMP agents. This provides complete automation of an IP network infrastructure.

  • Automate any SNMP-enabled device
  • Send, Trap, or Get SNMP Events
  • Monitor network status/behavior and resource utilization for SNMP-enabled network devices
  • Monitor virtually any statistic available on networked devices
  • Monitor temperature on a switch, fan speed on a router, and battery status on a UPS
  • Shut down routers or monitor and record the speed of your Ethernet port
  • Implement your Network Management System to your exact specifications or augment a pre-packaged NMS with automated condition handling
  • Interact with legacy applications via SNMP
  • And more!

The steps below show how an SNMP communication process can be automated using our SNMP Action Library. Expedite and streamline your SNMP routines with AutoMate!

AutoMate SNMP communication Processes